Harry van der Veen


My motto is: "A day without laughter, is a day wasted."

I grew up in Holland and I lived in Toulouse in the South of France for a period of 6 months, during my third year studying Communication, Multimedia & Design.

In 2006, during my fourth and final year of my studies, as one of the first people in the world, I engineered a multitouch display prototype. This was before the iPhone was launched.

I decided to do my graduation project around multitouch technology at the Luleå Technical University in Skellefteå, Sweden.

During that graduation project, due to commercial interest from large global enterprises, the US military and wealthy Middle Eastern individuals for our project, combined with my passion for multitouch technology, I co-founded NUITEQ with several fellow students.

After my graduation project in Sweden, I went back to Holland to give a final presentation for which I was awarded a Bachelor of Multimedia degree.

Within two weeks after getting back to Holland I emigrated to Sweden.

Fast forward to 2016, NUITEQ has won numerous awards, raised 1,1 MUSD in seed funding, has customers in over 70 countries and partners in over 35.

NUITEQ's customer and partner portfolio includes companies such as Lenovo, 3M, Nordstrom, IKEA, Intel, Panasonic, Sharp, NEC, Mitsubishi, BlackBerry, Bestbuy and others.

Today NUITEQ’s Snowflake touchscreen software is used by businesses and schools providing fun, inspirational and engaging experiences in corporate board / meeting rooms, elementary / primary education schools and the consumer space.

Our company has offices in Sweden, India, Palo Alto & North Carolina (USA), is profitable and has participated in two accelerator programs (Born Global (Stockholm/Palo Alto) and Tech Incubator (TINC) (Oslo/Palo Alto/San Francisco).

I have the privilege to be surrounded by very knowledge ex employees of IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle that are my mentors, from whom I learn a lot.

I feel very blessed and lucky to be working with a team of hard working, dedicated and passionate people at NUITEQ.

I'm an official ambassador of the city of Skellefteå and I'm a believer of karma and paying it forward.

I enjoy traveling, reading about technology, entrepreneurship and start-ups. I love food and learning from others.

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