Faris Aboobacker

Business in Kozhikode

Faris Aboobacker, also recognized as Pharis Aboobacker, stands as a distinguished Indian entrepreneur with a thriving presence in Chennai. Despite maintaining a discreet profile, Faris has emerged as a notable figure in various sectors, encompassing media, real estate, and diverse enterprises across India. His origins trace back to Nandi near Koyaland in the Kozhikode district, where he embarked on his educational journey at Poilkao High School and Farooq College.

Upon completing his education, Faris directed his entrepreneurial spirit towards his father's modest leather goods business in Chennai. Through strategic initiatives and a commitment to excellence, he not only expanded the family business but also achieved significant prosperity through ventures in export. Faris has garnered a reputation for safeguarding the confidentiality of his business affairs, earning admiration for his astute political connections and philanthropic initiatives.

Faris Aboobacker's inspirational trajectory serves as a testament to the potential for success that can be achieved from humble beginnings. His story underscores the values of hard work and determination, positioning him as a noteworthy figure in the Indian entrepreneurial landscape.

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