Munierah Zulkifli

Student in Kajang, Malaysia

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Hello there, i'm Munierah and i'm studying Mathematics at Universiti Putra Malaysia. I have a LOT of hobbies but among all of them, I probably enjoy shopping the most.


To my family, I am a shopping-fairy. This is because, most of the time that I went shopping, there're always massive sales on good items. Some of my biggest shopping catches are my dinner heels which I got at a 50% discounted price and my bagpack which I bought at a 70% discounted price, now tell me how can I not love shopping? However, nowadays I'm trying to learn to be thrifty and save up for my future.

To my friends, I am a compassionate person. To be honest, I care about people simply because I know how being alone with nobody to comfort you feels like. Therefore, I would not want friends whom I've crossed path with, to be in that situation. I also like to give free skincare advice to my girlfriends whenever they need it.

What Is Important:

Two things that matter to me in life are patience and persistence. I believe that patience goes a long way and with persistence, that wait will be worth it.

Talking about education, to me, it is a very important aspect in life. Firstly, You will definitely have a better judgement on things when you have the knowledge. Hence, this will improve your choices in life. Secondly, the more knowledge you have, the more you can contribute back to the society.

How To Support:

I believe that being positive is one good way to support one another. This is because positivity leads to happiness and happiness leads to a brighter life. I would like to have that. At the end of the day, no matter how old I have become, all that I have ever wanted in life is to be happy and to see my loved ones being happy as well.

Thanks for reading!