Muninder Adavelli

SEO Specialist and Chief Content Strategist in Lappeenranta, Finland

Muninder Adavelli

SEO Specialist and Chief Content Strategist in Lappeenranta, Finland

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Hi, I’m Muninder Adavelli!

I started my SEO and Web Development career in 2009. Like everyone else, I started with digital point forums and landed a link builder job.

The best benefit any SEO or content creation job can give you is the freedom they give you to travel.

By 2014, I was already a digital nomad SEO traveling around Asia. I wanted to travel outside Asia, but back in 2015 travel Visas for Indians were a big problem.

So, I decided to travel to Europe on an education Visa. I choose Finland, for free education and easy VISAs. But career-wise, education-wise it turned out to be the best decision of my life. That master’s in software engineering course actually taught me a couple of things in web programming and in improving the overall usability of tangible and intangible things.

Best of all my thesis on Improving the usability of websites using field data is something that helped me improve usability and conversion rates of numerous websites at, a company I am working with at the moment.

I joined NicheStack in 2017 as a content strategist and soon started doing the following jobs:

  • SEO (technical, content, and keywords )audits,
  • Developing custom themes for WordPress websites,
  • Testing designs for better conversions,
  • Developing scripts for videos, and
  • Training content writers on how to write for search.

Besides these qualifications that probably can qualify me as a complete Search Strategist, I love to explore new technologies and test new gadgets, software products, and services.

Here are a few bloggers that inspire me both personally and professionally:

P.S. Mother Of Sarcasm – Would love to buy you a beer someday!

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