Munir Chowdhury

Life Coach in Uttara, Bangladesh

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Salam (greetings meaning peace).

I’m Munir, Country Treasurer (ex), Citibank living in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. To know more about me u can c my bio (click on the above About Me button).

If u read my stories u will find lots of surprising n shocking stories, all true. Then y arent they then public? Bcoz of censorship, collusion of press n government n mostly sorcery at work. R u beleiving? Most likely not bcoz u r likely 2b nonmuslim n had been bought up in a hate n religious extremist society where Islam is a target of conspiracy n showed blashphemily to create hatred n thus keep people ignorant. The systems created mind is working in u not to accept my words or 2 verify them n exactly the same way u r cheated out 2 meet yor own curiosity on Islam, by framing some terrorist acts n discouraging skools, government entities, intellectual communities, press, media etc to allow proper, adequate n timely representation of Islam.

Hope u will keep yourself above prejudice n b able to get rid of ignorance. If u can than please join me to stop this humanity destroying "experiments" which they know very well is compromising with evils. Thank u.

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    • Country Treasurer (ex), Citibank
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    • University of North Texas