Munna Prawin

Project Manager, Life Coach, and Writer in London, UK

Munna Prawin

Project Manager, Life Coach, and Writer in London, UK

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I am MunnaPrawin. Yes, that’s my open ID.

I am accomplished and multifaceted IT professional offering more than 14 years of experience at International level in Software Quality Assurance. I have proven expertise in leading teams towards project goals. I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. In my last job, this passion led me to challenge myself daily and learn new skills that helped me to do better work.

I am currently working as a Delivery Manager for Medloop Technologies, UK, London. My highest educational qualification is Masters in Computer Science. I started my career after my Graduation. That’s me professionally…

My family is very big, but very sweet, loving mom, brilliant dad, caring sisters, everloving Wife, gifted kid, grand parents, aunt's , uncles, cousins and finally ME. I should also include my pet Shadow. It is the biggest gift to me. Friends are one part extension to my family and I have always had a great time with them. As I step into each path of my life, friends keep augmenting and its been so great to have all of them in my life. Most of what I am now and what I will be in the future are solely because of my family. That's me personally…. "

The biggest ideas in life are often expressed in the fewest words. " Its a popular saying, I have felt the truth in it a lot of times. I have been inspired by writings of many people… It had long been my desire to start a blog of that genre for the benefit of young men and women of India, especially students. The wish has materialized and the this blog is the result. I have nevertheless borrowed from western and Indian writers, bloggers, authors and referred to Indian greats to reinforce my views. After all, most values are universal, valid anytime, anywhere.

I strongly believe, the young are the inheritors of tomorrow. Every effort should be made to remind them of their heritage, responsibility and provide them such guidance and inspiration as may be needed, to prepare them to face the future with enthusiasm and confidence. This blog is an effort in that direction.

I am very much thankful to PRATYUSHA who is there with me all the years in all the aspects of my life. She is everything to me.

All I am today is because of you people. Thanks!!

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