Yelena Jetpyspayeva

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Passionate developer relations and community specialist with extensive hands-on experience in technology product marketing full of bright, inspirational and real life cases about the products and communities within CIS countries and worldwide (EU, Israel, US, Australia).

Brave, fearless, creative strategist and doer who turns plans into goals, steps and results, and finds suitable bulldozer tool for any thorn appearing on the way. Who loves to challenge impossible and achieve things using out-of-the-box tactics. Who inspires people around her by melting hearts away being a true believer in what she is doing. Workaholic with 80 level project management skills capable of getting pleasure from a daily routine.

In love with humanity and common sense feeling herself equally great among small and big teams, with experience of leading marketers, managers and developers, encouraging them to create the most powerful products and be inspired on the way, speaking at conference for 200 people about frontend developments or for 6000 about learning to get the greatest job they deserve.

In her spare time she helps technology communities grow, startups — find investors and market their products efficiently, developer events — get great speakers around the world and inspire developers around them, and her 65 y.o. mom — run a business of making handmade toys for pleasure and money (

Originally from Kazakhstan. Studied and worked in Kazakhstan, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Russia.

Currently resides in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Holds working permit and open to new and challenging job opportunities.