Brandie Nicole

I have been interested in bodybuilding for some time now. I have always looked up to some of the world’s greatest bodybuilders and have always dreamt of being like them someday. However, I would work really hard at the gym and I would never look even close to these bodybuilders. I realized that I wasn’t doing bodybuilding the right way, I wasn’t taking supplements. All of the bodybuilders that have seen some kind of success have used supplements. Thus, I decided that I would look into Clear Muscle supplements.

I really wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going into any kind of bodybuilding supplementation that might harm by body in the long run. Thus, I made sure that any type of supplement that I was going to take would be effective, as well as safe for my body. So I went ahead and asked a lot of my friends what they thought was one of the best supplement companies to utilize. They all told me that they use Clear Muscle products, which have been known for being safe, and more importantly effective.

I decided to go ahead and order some Clear Muscle creatine and amino acid supplements. I had read more info all over the internet from professional and amateur bodybuilders that supplementation of creatine and amino acids was not only safe, but really provided the extra edge that allow you to make great gains in the gym. Hence, I made sure to go ahead and order the much acclaimed Clear Muscle creatine and amino acid supplements. They arrived at my doorstop in the short course of about a week.

I begin using the supplements exactly as they were directed on the packaging. I would mix up the Clear Muscle creatine with my morning and afternoon protein shakes that I would have after a workout. Furthermore, I would use the Clear Muscle amino acid supplements right before my breakfast and dinner. I really didn’t notice many results in the first week or two of using the supplements. However, as soon as the second week was coming to an end, everything changed.

I noticed that I was able to life much more weight than I normally could at the gym. Furthermore, I felt that I had a lot more energy at the gym and was able to perform more repetition of the regular sets of weight that I had been used to doing. I was really amazed just how much of an effect the Clear Muscle had on my performance. After about a month or two of using Clear Muscle, I was so