Tiffany Phan


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This is the "About" page of a girl who does her best to live life as wholesomely as she can. When she was young, she was an avid gamer, often staying up until midnight to play video games when her homework was finished. But one day, after moving out and going to university, she came to a big realization! She thought, "Why am I spending so much time leveling up in games when I can 'Level Up' in real life?" This was a life-changing experience and has become a daily motto of this young grasshopper.

Tiffany has two siblings whom she loves to bits, and misses dearly at times. They enjoy annoying each other and, therefore, have a lot of experience in the art of mildly "trolling" other people. At the end of the day, they never fail to show how much they love each other though. :)

She is enrolled in the Immunology and Infection Program of her school and spends the weekdays working in a Biochemistry lab as a Research Intern.

She has many hobbies--some of them strange. One day, she thought to herself, "I have all these hobbies? Why not do something about them?" Because of this revelation, Tiffany has decided to share some of these hobbies of hers with others, be it in performing with the university choir, doing small editing jobs, and starting up a Wordpress blog called "musingsofamapletree". She is Canadian and likes to think a lot, hence the name.

Thanks for dropping by!

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