Mustang Restoration, Inc.

Mustang Restoration, Inc. is located in East Dundee, IL. The shop is over 30,000 square feet of classic Mustang magic. There are separate areas for bodywork, Painting (in-house paint booth), mechanical functions, installation, final assembly, showroom and offices.

From the moment you speak with Chris "the Doc" Ingrassia you know that you are not speaking with just another shop owner. Chris Ingrassia has run the family owned Mustang Restoration, Inc. for over 30 years and has lovingly built it into the Mustang haven that it is. When you bring your baby in to see Chris you are esentially conecting with a surgeon who will meticulously go over your vehicle as it where his own. When you first walk into the shop you will immediately recognize Chris; he will be the one with the white labcoat on - really.

From very detailed engine work to mirror finish award winning paint jobs, Mustang Restoration, Inc. is your one stop shop if what you want is a first class job. If you want to pay $300 for a paint job, go to Maaco.

Check out Chris' Mustang How-To videos up on Youtube - there are over 100 and counting.

Contact "the Doc" 847-428-9889 or [email protected]

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