Mvalor Group

Marketing Consultant and Retail Sales in Irving, Texas

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After demands from clients for assistance actively acquiring new customers, Mvalor Group opened in Irving, Texas! Specializing in face-to-face sales consulting, Mvalor Group was founded to help improve brand representation and market reach of some of telecoms' finest. Starting with humble beginnings, we've now grown to a team of 30 of Texas' brightest graduates, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and sales professionals!

How have we found such rapid success? As marketing and sales strategies have gained more presence online, Mvalor Group found a niche in face to face direct sales (specifically in a retail setting). We specialize in training leaders in communication, business and management. We teach our team how to master in-person sales in a retail setting where you are limited in time and overwhelmed with possibilities. Where other sales teams have failed to capitalize on the heavy foot traffic of the retail environment, our team learns how to read body language and take advantage of every customer interaction that crosses our paths.

Our team is internally competitive; every time we hit a goal, we push our bar a little higher. We believe in rewarding individual success while praising team growth and achievements. To drive performance we set goals that, when met, are rewarded with promotions, bonuses, and travel opportunities. We relish in the ability to offer our team internal advancement opportunities.

Mvalor Group Reviews:

1. New Customer Acquisitions: Mvalor Group specializes in bringing clients long-term customers. Since opening we have generated over a million dollars in profit for our clients.

2. Leadership Development: Every employee who starts with Mvalor Group goes through a leadership development program where we equip them with the skills required to lead others. We teach Steven Covey's time management, situational leadership, emotional intelligence, and more.

3. Upward Mobility: As Mvalor Group expands in Irving, we promote our own team into managerial roles; however, we only promote those who have proven their ability to lead and train others.

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