Michael Weinstein

marketing leader and Musician in New York


Michael Weinstein, (born September 29, 1968) is an entrepreneur, jazz pianist, and mixed martial artist. He is also a public speaker on invention licensing, direct-response marketing, and digital advertising.


Weinstein is the CEO of award-winning marketing agency, JAM Direct, former President of Bluewater Digital, and Chief Marketing Officer of Allstar Products Group, who was responsible for launching and marketing some of the most successful products in "As Seen On TV" history including the Snuggie. He was also featured in the infomercial for "As Seen On TV: The American Dream”.

Weinstein also co-founded the mitten-shaped the wet-wipe mitten viral sensation known as Shittens, which was featured on Howard Stern, Bill Maher, Huffington Post, USA Today, Yahoo News, Redbook, Unilad, BuzzFeed, Parents Magazine, Men's Health, and Pop Sugar.


Michael Weinstein is a pianist and keyboardist with Two Shots of Blue and has performed and recorded with members from Spyro Gyra, Meat Loaf, Mariah Carey, Joe Cocker, Keith Urban, and many others.

Weinstein's album, 30 Days, is available on Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, YouTube and other streaming platforms.


Michael Weinstein is a competitive mixed martial artist, who holds a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Duk Sung Son and is a student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Gracie Sports USA under master Marcio Stambowsky, one of the Rolls Gracie’s “Famous Five” black belt students.


For JAM Direct, Michael Weinstein was awarded the TITAN and W3 Awards in the Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics category. In March 2017 and 2018, he received a DR Metrix ADSPHERE Award for the category of Best Electronics LF Infomercial.

In 2020, Weinstein was honored as the IMPACT Award winner for Best Marketing Strategy and Use of Analytics at the Internet Marketing Association (IMA), and also received the Digital Health Award for Social Media Strategy from the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC).

Weinstein received Digital Media Strategy Honors at the 2021 Vega Digital Awards, and was named winner of the Prestigious 2021 MarCom Award. In 2022, JAM Direct received the Vega Digital Awards for its Digital Media Strategy. Michael Weinstein was also named winner of the Coveted 2022 MarCom Gold Award.