Myfanwy Marshall

Producer/ director. Writer. in Santa Cruz, California

Myfanwy Marshall

Producer/ director. Writer. in Santa Cruz, California

Aussie, Ex BBC-TV Producer. After 11 yrs as BBC staff in London, I relocated and started freelancing. (e.g Co-Producer/Director on the documentary 'Choice Point' starring Richard Branson, and directing promotional videos). Now developing my own brand: 'ENLIGHTEN ME.TV The website is dedicated to uplifting, inspiring and empowering 'how-tos', enlightening films and interviews on life lessons, and other refreshing content that explores the big questions in life.

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Here's a full biography:

I enjoy promoting and interviewing good people, travelling, and turning creative ideas into reality.

I left my homeland Australia aged 24 with a way one ticket in one hand, and a BBC contract in the other. Many dreams and goals came true. It's been one big adventure! I'm writing a memoir on my journey and life lessons. Part of the vision for 'Enlighten Me...' is to create a collective space for others to share their life lessons and wisdom too. And a hub for following passions, fulfilling potential and showcasing talent.

I'd like to see everyone enlighten the world with their own brand of magic. But in order to do that, sometimes we all need a helping hand with resources, practical how-to's and inspirational success stories.

What inspires me? I just want to do some good in the world.

For much of my time at the BBC, I created educational programmes on life-skills, and I loved knowing that they were making a difference to audiences e.g. navigating life choices, career paths and on wellbeing. I'm solution-focused, and just want to help where I can.

I'm always on the lookout to cast brilliant interviewees (for TV and my own projects).

I'm also keen to hear from anyone who'd like to contribute or collaborate.

Recently moved to California.

I look forward to connecting...

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    • University of South Australia & Exchange Student in North Carolina USA