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This article, brought to you by My Home Underpinning, is aimed to give you a good overview of what underpinning is and how you can fix structural damage impacting your property before it gets serious.
What are some of the things that cause sinking? Flooding, minor earthquakes, hailstorms and muddy foundations. If your properly sinks just 2-3 centremeters, you’re looking at serious structural risk. This can impact on the value of your property if you’re looking to sell. It can also create a snowball effect and worsen your foundations over time. As a home owner, you need to act quickly and engage a robust, industry-standard underpinning company that can put your foundations right again.
Don’t let the elements get the best of your house. To assist you in making a decision to engage an underpinner in Melbourne, we’ll let you know exactly what the underpinning process entails and how much it might cost you.