My ID Club

Seattle, Washington, United States

Since the establishment of MY ID CLUB by the King County Police Union in 1997, the service has been offered at more than 2,500 events, many for 15 consecutive years, for a total of over 300,000 identification cards distributed to local citizens and children. A variety of commercial retailers and non-profit organizations support and sponsor the service, particularly those that interact with children. Partners range from day cares and schools to carnivals and zoos. In addition to collaborating with groups like the Lion’s Club and the YMCA, MY ID CLUB has effectively marketed its services to other police agencies and fire departments.

The King County Police Union understands that not all agencies and organizations have the necessary budget or staff to adopt and run their own operation. Therefore, its service often provides some necessary equipment for nearby events. In the most extreme cases, it has even provided police and fire departments with all required equipment and staff.

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