Myon and Shane 54

Myon & Shane 54 are one of the brightest stars of the so-called new generation of dance music producer / DJs.

In less than 3 years after they started making music together, the pair were voted into DJMag's Top 100 DJs at #62. They've been producing for the biggest names in the trance scene, and the combined sales of everything they've done way exceeds the million mark.

Their radioshow/podcast, International Departuresquickly became very popular, partly thanks to the unique approach of shameless mashing up, something of a trademark that has become synonymous with the duo. Their extensive tour diary serves the backbone to the International Departures TV Show, a first person view on the life of traveling DJs.

Myon & Shane 54 are well known for their different take on dance music, which definitely makes them stand out from the mostly genre-conscious DJ scene. Through the quality of their releases, they already proved that these guys are something to reckon with, and they're here to stay providing a unique sound, that is truly theirs only.