Myron Cherry

A highly respected Chicago attorney with a reputation for community service and leadership, Myron Cherry is considered a leader in the field of trial and corporate law, as well as an ardent proponent of his political ideals.

A former Trustee of the Democratic National Committee, Myron Cherry has a long association with some of the party’s most visible players. During both of President Clinton’s election campaigns, Myron Cherry served on the National Finance Board helping with fundraising and financial organization efforts. Additionally, Myron Cherry is a past Co-Chairman of the Democratic Business Council. His political involvement also led to his appointment to the United States Senate Judicial Nominations Committee for Illinois by Senators Paul Simon and Carol Moseley-Braun. In the role, Myron Cherry undertook the task of identifying and vetting potential judges. In 2001, President Bill Clinton named Myron Cherry to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, which is responsible for funding and management of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington., D.C.

Currently, Myron Cherry is the founder of Myron M. Cherry & Associates, LLC, a law firm that practices in all areas of civil and commercial litigation. Myron Cherry specializes in environmental corporate governance, contracts, securities, libel and slander, intellectual property, and civil rights. Among Myron Cherry's vast legal accomplishments was a $44 million settlement on behalf of a group of United Airlines pilots who believed that they were unfairly represented by their union, the Air Line Pilots Association, International. Another of Myron Cherry's milestone cases was the successful negotiation of a settlement on behalf of healthcare company Ventas, Inc., which sued its former law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell. The amount of the settlement achieved by Myron Cherry was $25.5 million.

Myron Cherry holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Northwestern University School of Law. Outside of his practice, Myron Cherry serves as an Adjunct Professor at his alma mater, teaching Trial Practice. Myron Cherry and his wife, Patricia, have three adult children.