Claudia stinetti

Mother, Director, and Consultant in Paris, France

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I am a reviewer of online strippers sites. Those websites are in fact catalogues of live webcam girls. 24 hours a day, 7 days. Basically, I compare price rates, features, website interfaces, services, webcam girls quality service.

The website reviews all kind of chat services for adults (+18). You will find for instance information about cam to cam chat, audio chat and text chat along with valuable information about privacy and anonymity.

This website also provides many data related to rates & services.

This website supplies very useful tips and tricks to find the best webcam girl. (most beautiful, cheapest, by nationality, by ethinicity...)

For instance, an article explains you where & how to find latina webcam girls. In fact, there are not colombian and brazilian webcam girls on every adult chat website. So, you need to know some tricks to find them. Furthermore, things change quickly. One adult chat website can be good for chatting with latina camgirls and then for no reasons, the website may be less interesting in the matter of months because cam models decided to leave it.