Gaby RM

Montevideo, Uruguay (home)

Systems engineering student



Ableton/FL Studio producer

Composer (musical notation)

Audiophile (hi-fi enthusiast)

In free time skater, gamer and guitarist

Something more about myself:

♦ My username comes from some songs that have an important meaning to me, such songs are "Novacane" by "Beck", "Novacane" by "Lil Wayne", "Novacane" by "Frank Ocean" and "Give Me Novacaine" by "Green Day" which I have stylized them as "n0v4c4n3" while the "0443" stands for the secure SSL port, used to protect against MITM attacks. It represents my musical and working side.
♦ In other words it aims to represent the two things I love the most, music and coding
♦ I host a relay server containing a database of nearly ~6TB of audio samples/vsts/ost/dōjin music
♦ Mainly I write in C# complemented with scripts, however I know JS, Java and something of PHP
♦ The IDE I work with it's Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate and for other languages, NetBeans
♦ I admire classical composers like Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, and more.
♦ Touhou player since 2004 (a masterpiece soundtrack like Final Fantasy)
♦ Currently at Gold League in Starcraft II (maybe soon Platinum)

I have only two favorite quotes:

♦ "I was born an original, and I won't die as a copy"
♦ "Bewildering Impending Spiriting Away"

My website and contact information:

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