Team Naadi

Hey all- we created this website to make it a little easier and user friendly to vote for us! We are blessed to have been given the oppourtunity to win an amazing wedding giveaway put on by 18 top vendors in Portland..but we can't win without YOUR help! We want to use our network of wonderful friends and family to help us win- any vote helps and is truly appreciated more than you know!

Directions: 1) Click on the links below. For the links that end in "FB Page" it will take you to an album of all the contestants. In the upper right hand corner of that page click the "LIKE" button, so you can ensure you liked that vendors actual facebook page (this part can be confusing because there are so many things you can like on facebook. No need to like the picture of Nate and I or the album; the like button I speak of is the one used to actually like the page of each vendor!)

2) Then click on the picture of NATE AND SHAADI and leave any comment you'd like. It can literally be anything. A comment on our actual picture counts as a vote; unfortunately, a comment on the facebook photo album does not count! Please repeat this for all of the vendors facebook pages.

3) When you're done voting on each vendors' fb page, click on the links below that end in "BLOG"- on the blogs you need to comment "Nate and Shaadi" or some variation of our names for your vote to count, and submit your comment. Each blogs' comment/leave a reply section is usually located at the bottom of their page and some of the blogs require you to enter an email so they can verify you're a real person.

That totals 30 votes you can give Nate and Shaadi. 30 votes to help us win! Thank you all for putting up with the spamming we're doing across social media between now and June 12th, when the contest ends. Most importantly, a huge THANK YOU for voting!!

-Team Naadi