Nabil Adam

Professor in New York

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Nabil Adam is a distinguished Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University located in New Brunswick, NJ. Over the last 43 years, Dr. Adam has held a faculty position at Rutgers University. He strives to assist his students in their academic success as much as possible.

Outside of his teaching duties, Nabil Adam spent over five years with the Department of Homeland Security, where he was assigned to the Science & Technology Directorate. He was responsible for mentoring scientists, engineers, and program managers, while simultaneously managing “Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis” and leading the “Cyber-physical Systems Security” and “Unified Incident Command Decision Support” initiatives. Additionally, Nabil was assigned to the position of Program Chair for a variety of related committees and workshops including Modeling, Simulation, & Analysis for Homeland Security, Emergency Management: Incident, Resource, & Supply Chain Management workshop, and Future Directions in Cyber-physical Systems Security to name only a few.

Several years prior, Nabil Adam worked as a Research Fellow for the NASA Center of Excellence in Space Data and Information Sciences. This program was created to bring leading computer scientists together to collaborate and conduct research applicable to space and earth sciences; Nabil was one of the chosen few and took part in several initiatives including the Management of the Largest Unclassified Archive in the World, Data Warehousing/Mining of Earth Observing System Data & Information Systems and Geodata Modeling and Query in GIS. Dr. Nabil Adam also participated in the commercialization of Linux/Red Hate software and served as a member of the scientific and management team whose purpose was to establish a commercial sector for the Universities’ Space Research Association.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Genetics and Epigenetics Cross-Cutting Research Workshop were conducted in May 2023 on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Campus in Bethesda, Maryland, and Dr. Nabil Adam was invited to participate. The meeting's objectives include showcasing cutting-edge research on the genetics and epigenetics of substance use disorders, locating fresh areas for research, and giving attendees a chance to meet with NIDA program directors to discuss their ideas for grant proposals and funding opportunities.

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