Nadav Goshen

Expert in technology, leadership

Nadav Goshen has had a long and successful career in the Internet technology industry, and his performances over the years have proven that he is a natural leader in the business world. Currently the CEO for SweetPacks, Goshen has found himself in an incredibly successful career path far from where he started, studying television and cinema at Tel Aviv University.

Business turn-around

After several years of working entry-level and management positions, Goshen took on his first extremely successful position with Pelephone in 2002. At Pelephone, Goshen was the Director and Head of Content and he established a crucial part of what makes the company successful today, the Value Added Services team. He started with just one employee and in 12 short months grew the team to more than 35 employees. Goshen's biggest achievement at Pelephone was the change that occurred at the company while he was there. When Goshen was there only a year and a half Pelephone went from being the last in its market to being No. 1 in the mobile entertainment industry, with its profits going from less than $3 million to more than $40 million.

Spelling success

After his success at Pelephone, Goshen took a position at Babylon, which is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Goshen was hired by a new controlling group that wanted to turn the company around and had faith that with his success at Pelephone he could help them do just that. Babylon was similar to the other companies for which Goshen had worked in that its products are technology related. Babylon offers software that is centered on languages, offering services anywhere from translation to dictionaries. The company has been around since 1997, and in the 15 years of its existence it has grown to be one of the best of its kind. While he was there for two years, Goshen grew the company's revenue by 500 percent.

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