Nadia Bedricky

Community-Focused Professional in West Palm Beach, Florida

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Nadia Bedricky of Chicago, Illinois, enjoys a life with a wide variety of influences and experiences. In her professional career, she has served with PepsiCo as an account specialist and fulfilled several roles in data and system management; she previously has worked in media for PromoGroup/Net10, promoting the Arena Football League. Likewise, Nadia Bedricky’s recreational activities extend broadly from snorkeling, watching fantasy films, reading inspirational or spiritual literature, and playing sports such as golf, tennis, and volleyball.

A life of diversity was established early for Ms. Bedricky, as she grew up with several multicultural influences. While she is Ukrainian by nationality, she was born in Spain to parents who themselves were born in Brazil, and together they immigrated to the United States in her youth. Fittingly, she has developed a love of travel, speaks three languages, and is always open to meeting new people.

Nadia Bedricky’s culinary hobby is another expression of these multicultural influences. She grew up on family cuisine born from a combination of Ukrainian and Brazilian dishes, and she now enjoys experimenting with Mexican food as she develops her skill at preparing healthy meals, including vegan variations of dishes indistinguishable from their familiar counterparts.