Nadine Beiler

Nadine Beiler was born in Innsbruck 1990. Her first performance on a big stage came in 2006 at the ORFStarmania” casting show, where a little girl with a great voice won against 2,500 candidates, and later went on to prevail over all other contesters during the finals in January 2007.

Following her victory at “Starmania” Nadine’s music career progressed at a rather slow pace. No wonder, she was only sixteen at the time! Since you can’t suppress talent for too long, however, Nadine joined the competition for the Austrian preliminaries for the “Eurovision Song Contest” in autumn 2010 – what a brilliant comeback it was! On 25 February 2011, viewers once again crowned her victor at a major prime time show, where she sang “The Secret Is Love”, for which she also wrote the lyrics.