Nicholas Ficorelli

I was born in Brooklyn in 1972 to a sports-crazed household. Now, I live in Howell, New Jersey, and am hoping to create the next big sports site for ALL FANS. I am the co-founder, co-creator, editor and admin of The Sports Chronicles. My love and passion for ALL sports in unparalleled, and I believe there should be a forum for all that share that same love and passion.

A little about what we are going to do. We are a group of friends and independent sports writers, bloggers, podcasters and radio personalities that want to become the ANTI-ESPN.

Everyone who loves to write or talk about sports usually has their own little blog somewhere on the internet, whether it be BlogSpot, BlogTalkRadio, or other internet sites, whether a .com or a .net.

My site is the extra added platform to put your work out on. I offer a chance for more exposure, a chance to hone your craft, a chance to make yourself known to the mass of sports fans out there.

I do not CENSOR anyone, if you have a topic that is hot and controversial, go for it, just keep it clean.

If you want in, I will get you an email address for the site. If you decide to leave after a while, whether its because you found another forum or just want to strike on your own, more power to you, just remember where you came from if you make it big.

I would like to thank my wonderful wife, Lisa, and my three kids, ZoeLilly, Matthew, and AndrewJake, for keeping me sane throughout all this. I would also like to thank my mom and dad, for letting me express my love for sports as a kid. Lastly, thanks to Steve, Tony, Fionna and J.P. for putting up with my excessive texts/emails and making this all happen.

I only have one question for everyone - ARE U READY???? I know I am, and I hope you all enjoy this wild ride we are about to embark upon.