Nishant Neeraj

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

I am a freelance software engineer. I co-founded Muton LLP (now defunct). My expertise lies in building web applications that are fast and intuitive. I am specialized in server side technologies, and I am good at front end developments.

Technologies that I use frequently are: Java, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Apache Cassandra, Amazon Web Services, Linux, Shell Script, Java Web-frameworks, Java App-servers, Maven, ANT, Subversion, Eclipse, Nagios, MongoDB.

I jump into learning the technolgies that lure me, and hence I have acquired workable knowelge in Python, Storm, Scala, nodeJS, CSS3, Git, WebSockets.

I am currently playing with stuffs in data science -- Machine Learning, R, Statistics and Probability, and consuming more and more big-data jargons and tools.

And, oh yeah, I authored a book on Apache Cassandra too.

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  • Education
    • IIT Kharagpur