Naiya Shamiso

Born in a small town, Vernon Texas. Fostered at the age of 3 weeks old after my father violently abused me, later adopted at the age of 3 years old. As a child I was a mischief-maker and got into trouble frequently. I was the kid you saw in the Principals office with my own special chair. Then for my 9th birthday I received my first computer, in parts, and was told to put it together. My adopted parents and family knew nothing about computers, so I was left on my own. I found that I liked computers a lot, and started to care about nothing but. I grew accustom to being alone and didn't want to have many friends. I started staying to my self, and became a recluse. After a fight with my adopted parents, I was sent to a state hospital, for a year, there I was certified sane, still don't know how. Spent 4 years in a treatment facility for troubled youth. When I turned 20 I got my GED and tried to go to college. Started at Austin Community College, didn't even attend a single day. Then went to Texas State Technical College, failed miserably. Next Went to McLennan Community College, had so many problems with financial aid and the Book store, no equipment or books to do class, so I quit. Then I started at ITT Technical Institute, and actually finished it. I am now an unemployed graduate, with a digree in Computer Networking Systems. I hope to find a job soon. Even thought there is a lot of bad crap I went through, life is a trip, and I wouldn't change it even if I could. Life is what you make of it, don't sit back and cry in the corner. Grab life by the horns, and bitch slap it. You path is your destiny, make it what you want it to be.