Web Developer, Father, and Small Business Owner in 東京都, 日本


Web Developer, Father, and Small Business Owner in 東京都, 日本

Greetings, I’m Masahiro, a father of 2 kids. I’m a web developer living in Tokyo, Japan. I’m also the representative of the NPO to inform French culture and a director of Jinja priest's organization. You can visit my website with a click on the button above.

-The Omamori Evangelist-

I am well known as an omamori collector. Omamori are amulets which are distributed by Shinto shirines and Buddhism temples.

I published books, wrote articles on magazines, appeared on radio and TV programs.

I also was assigned to a director of the organization for priests of Shinto shrine, called Jinja, Society for modern Jinja and practice.

-Representative of an NPO-

Fonder of the NPO and representative director of AntenneFrance. AntenneFrance is an NPO which inform French Culture and News for Japanese people since 1996, personally 1994. It has managed one of the oldest websites and e-zine for French culture,

AntenneFrance, Vie croisée!

-Website developer and System Engineer-

I am a founder and a representative director of n.p.minerva & Co. Since 1994, I has been developed web sites and maintain servers as owned business. I had been inaugurated a director and president some IT companies in Japan and France.

n.p.minerva & Co.

-As a father-

I enjoy to study with my son and am going out around the cities with son and daughter.

I am the president of PTA in my son's elementary school and a board member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Elementary School PTA Federation. I am paying attention to up-comming educational reformation.

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