Nana Walzer

Writer in Wien, Österreich

Nana Walzer

Writer in Wien, Österreich

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Nana is a communication expert, author and researcher, living in Vienna, Austria/Europe.

She received her doctoral degree from the Institute of Communication Sciences at the University of Vienna, Austria, and gives lectures on communication in different Austrian university courses. She regularly appears as expert for communication in Austrian media, e.g. the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF, on television and radio.

In her fields of study, she examines methods to develop personalities and society, focussing on the interconnectedness of individual, interpersonal and transpersonal interaction.

As author, she wrote “Die Kunst der Begegnung” (The Art of Connection, 2016), co-wrote and co-edited “Die Evolution der Menschlichkeit” (The Evolution of Humanity) and wrote “Open Minded Leadership” with Ron Thoma (2017).

In 2019, she co-wrote and published “Die Bildung der Menschlichkeit für junge Menschen“ (The Education of Humanity for Youth) and „Die Bildung der Menschlichkeit für Erwachsene“ (The Education of Humanity for Adults).

In 2020 "Die Helle Seite der Macht" (The Bright Side of Power), co-written with Ronald Thoma, was released. Her audio-book "Die Kunst der Begegnung" (The Art of Connection) was re-published in 2022.

With her company Walzer COM, she trains and develops companies and institutions in the field of branding and positioning, change and leadership, communication and strategy.

Nana Walzer is an academic expert on European Communication for Europe Direct, the information agency of the European Commission in Vienna, Austria, and develops communication strategies for European civil-society organizations. She co-initiated the pro-European NGO “Europe:United” – Organization for a Human Europe ( and co-authored the “European Declaration”, a positioning-paper for Europe, defining basic identity aspects like core-values, vision, mission and leading principles.

Her engagement as speaker of “” ( was honored by the Republic of Austria with the Europa-Staatspreis 2018. For her pro-European and democracy-political activities such as her Video-Podcasts, TV-Shows, seminars, lectures and speeches, she received several awards and in 2022 a Mérite Européen-medal.

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