Nancy Morgan

Small Business Owner in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

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Once upon a time there was a dance teacher named Nancy who was extremely concerned that there wasn't anywhere for adults to go and learn to dance in Kemptville. Every day, Nancy spoke to other adults about the need for such a place. Then, one day in March 2015, in an act of complete craziness, Nancy ignored her inner fears and decided to open The Workshop Dance Studio, in Raina's Mall, deep in the downtown core of Kemptville and because of that, adults from all over Eastern Ontario, decided to come to the sleepy little town to learn to Tap Dance, Line Dance, even Broadway Jazz, or one of the many other different dance styles offered at the studio. And now since it was a special studio for adults ONLY, Nancy made it important that the floor was cushioned and warm, and that the décor was soft and inviting and the price per class was reasonable and affordable. Until finally the schedule was filled with joy, and the adult dancers were drunk on dance happiness and everyone felt a peace and glow come over them. The end.