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PR is a very craft profession in which education without practice almost does not work. I would advise you to take the first steps in the profession in a large corporation where there is already a built communications system. Why is it good? You can look at different directions of PR: business communications, PR products, GR, IR, analytics, special projects and much more. After that you can decide what you like most and go on a large independent voyage.

You can also go to work at an agency, where there is a large number of practices — then you can also look at different industries.

In general, in order to learn, you have to work with your hands and sometimes with your head. After the 500 release, enlightenment usually comes, and you begin to understand what's news and what's not.

Courses are a good thing. The most appropriate courses and master classes of well-known PR people, but they rather give an idea about the technologies and PR mechanics that need to be tested later on a real case.

Good luck!