Birthplace: San Jose. Hometown: Sacramento. Current Residence: San Diego.

Education: University of California, San Diego: B.A. in International Studies – Economics and Political Science, Minor in Communication. Professional Certificate: Project Management from UCSD Extension. Professional Certfied Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance

Prior experience in working with business operations and administrative work including a start-up, finance/insurance company, and college campuses. Dabbled in Social Media and Online Marketing Analytic with a stunt of Public Relations and Recruitment on the side.

Currently finding my way and shifting focus towards analytical roles, software development, Agile Scrum methodologies, and project management while combining all my skills and interests together. I could be your life-size, walking, talking, living choice of Smartphone without the glitches and having to download apps or recharge (Just kidding, i need coffee too)

Interests: Traveling the world, Yoga, Rock Climbing, Reading Wikipedia, Watching movies, Playing my Ukulele.

Goals: Working and doing cool stuff for cool people making cool things at a cool place. Be financially secured by the time I'm 40. Be a Coffee Connoisseur. Conquer a mountain or two. Win a food challenge.

Pet Peeves: People sticking their gum in weird places. Iphone's AutoCorrection.