Nandi Raaphorst (NeR)


I'm the owner of 3 creatures who call theirself kids and me Mum.

Living in a small pitoresk town called Rhenen, in the centre o the Netherlands.It's the town I grew up in and seeing things now I've not seen before.

Love nature, music, photography, words.colors,..anything triggers the mind

They tell me I think too deep,feel to much,but wouldn't want it any other way, as this is me...

Through this blog I'll take you on my walks, share with you my thoughts, on the road we call Life.

I'm no longer a frequent Blogger, what doesn't mean my eyes are closed and I no longer see,it just means I'm taking my time to rearrange my vision and I've stopped running,

I now walk step by step , at a pace that feels comfortable to me ....

  • Education
    • school of life and still learning