Nanok Bie

Stockholm, Sweden.

Until recently reporter & commentator at national Swedish Television. Held the position of Director of Communications, Marketing & PR at the world-leading Bitcoin operator KnC from June 2014 until November 2015. Currently I'm doing planning and marketing for the Climate Positive Data & Computing Center

I'm also speaking and educating within the fields of media, macroeconomics and "the Internet" + Bitcoin/Blockchain.

As a journalist I have 20+ years of experience from daily news media like Dagens Nyheter (morning paper in Sweden), Metro International and SVT (Swedish National Television).

I'm also an online veteran, I've been e-mailing since 1992. Wrote my first web page in 1994. Claim to fame: I was one of the world's first bloggers in 1995, I founded Sweden's (and probably the world's) first blog community in 1996 (, now inactive).

I pioneered near-live web reporting for main stream media (at, from the music festival Hultsfred in 1996). Since then I've also introduced the world's first mobile streaming music service in 2004, and I was appointed the world's first "Internet Correspondent" (for Metro International in 2006).

I've also gathered experience from starting IT companies, developing mobile media portals for 3 and mobile apps for, and for others.

I've created a number of web projects and I have been involved in creating several TV formats for the web as well as for Swedish national television and TV8, and I've been nominated for the TV award "Kristallen". And I've managed to reach more than 12% of the Swedish population starring in a prime time television series.

I've also published a book explaining technology for a younger generation, in collaboration with the Swedish Technology Museum (and started on another few book projects).

My full CV is here: