Naomi Corpuz

Actor, Public Speaker, and Writer in Quezon City, Philippines

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I am Naomi Corpuz from the Philippines and a proud G.I. (Genuine Ilocana). I consider myself a city-bred and a promdi for I was raised in Batac, Ilocos Norte where I permanently reside but I have been living in Quezon City, Philippines since I entered college. I recently graduated from the University of the Philippines, College of Law and and I am currently reviewing for the bar.

I am an entrepreneur. I am a chocolatier and I sell what I make at my online shop called Naomi's Kitchen. I am also one of the managers of N. Corpuz Enterprises, Inc., a family corporation in existence since 1948, which sells school and office supplies with four branches in Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

I am a lover of the arts. Theater is and will always be my first love since I performed the role of Cinderella at the age of 7 in a school play. I love performing to a wide audience since then whether as an orator, actor, singer and express art in other forms as a shutterbug, painter and blogger.

As an art advocate I maintain a blog called Travelling Artist which contains posts about shows, events and happenings on various expressions of art. It also serves as an outlet for my creativity. This blog is also a repository of some friends' articles, pictures, creations, and other expressions of art.

I am a proud daughter to Atenean lawyers-businessmen Attys. Nestor and Baby Corpuz, and a sister to ABS-CBN newsreporter Nina Corpuz, New Yorker advertising consultant Bernadette and to her only brother Nickrome, a businessman.

And by the way, I am also a mother to Snowball, the cutest and most loving Chinese Sharpei. I can also be tweeted anytime ;)

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