Naomi Loomis

Osteoporosis Researcher in Orlando, Florida

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Naomi Loomis enjoys traveling with her husband their two kids. The Loomis family has traveled all over the United States and even overseas, allowing them to take part in some of their favorite activities: riding motorcycles, chartering boats, and attending wine tastings. Notable United States vacation destinations include:

Amelia Island, Florida

Las Vegas, Nevada

Napa, California

Vail, Colorado

Naomi Loomis has also traveled internationally. Her next trip to the British Virgin Islands will be her 14th time visiting this locale. Other favorite international vacations include time spent in Cancun and Rome. Naomi Loomis is from Columbus, Ohio and she attended Grove City High School. During her free time, she worked to save up enough money to pay for college. In 1995, she graduated cum laude from The Ohio State University. She still continues to support her alma mater today in basketball and football. In her free time, she unwinds by reading John Grisham novels.

Additionally, Naomi Loomis has done extensive research related to osteoporosis. She has dedicated much of her time to raising awareness and supporting prevention of osteoporosis especially in young women.

  • Education
    • Ohio State University