Narendra Rocherolle

Designer and Software Engineer in San Francisco, California

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I am the CEO of Webshots--the pioneering online photo sharing website I co-founded.

I had some fun curating a great event called Serendipity Series.

Other projects have included the calendar/lifestream 30 Boxes

I was an early Twitter dev/advisor and happened upon (among other forgotten things) the idea for the retweet.

Here's a tech/business focused personal timeline and additional info.

I am an avid supporter of Acumen Fund, TED, charity: water, and Crowdrise.

A long time ago, I ran the 800m on the track.

Now I run very long distances on the trails in California and enjoy CrossFit type training.

Contact info: Reply @narendra on Twitter or email narenpublic at yahoo dot com.

Blogs: No Soap Radio.