Nari Soundarrajan

New York

Try my food

Energy. Water. Food. Environment. These emanate from the classical elements of FIRE, WATER, EARTH and AIR. I am passionate about their interconnections and especially about the "memory of water".

I make processes efficient by engineering and designing them a whole system perspective. My greatest focus is still on fire and I'm inspired by Amory Lovins' sayings in "Reinventing Fire" and APJ Abdul Kalam's "Ignited Minds".

I love to make good food with aromatic spices and share it with friends over a good story. My dream is to build my own cooking caravan (a mobile kitchen) that I can travel on and conduct cooking demos showing the awesomeness of Indian spices.

I run an engineering consulting company (Tansa Tech) where we work on energy modeling and engineering analysis for power plants. I am available for consultation on any of the topics discussed here!

I have the good fortune to have lived on 3 different countries so far (India, Germany, US).

My happiest moment is when I am able to help anonymously where there is a true need.

  • Work
    • Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • MS Mechanical Engineering (Penn State)
    • B.Tech Naval Architecture (IIT-M)