Nari Soundarrajan

New York

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Energy. Water. Food. Environment. These emanate from the classical elements of FIRE, WATER, EARTH and AIR. I am passionate about their interconnections and especially about the "memory of water".

I make processes efficient by engineering and designing them a whole system perspective. My greatest focus is still on fire and I'm inspired by Amory Lovins' sayings in "Reinventing Fire" and APJ Abdul Kalam's "Ignited Minds".

I love to make good food with aromatic spices and share it with friends over a good story. My dream is to build my own cooking caravan (a mobile kitchen) that I can travel on and conduct cooking demos showing the awesomeness of Indian spices.

I work as a contract research engineer for the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Morgantown WV (NETL). I work with fluidized bed reactions (especially on iron oxide particles), power plant reliability and chemical looping combustion.

I also own an engineering consulting company (Tansa Tech) where we work on energy modeling and engineering analysis for power plants. Further, I am available for consultation on any of the topics discussed here!

I have had the good fortune to have lived on 3 different countries so far (India, Germany, US).

My happiest moments are in the company of good friends, cooking up great food, or watching birds while wandering the forests of Appalachia (US) or India.

  • Work
    • Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • MS Mechanical Engineering (Penn State)
    • B.Tech Naval Architecture (IIT-M)