Nash Habib

Artist, Designer, and Web Developer in San Diego, CA

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Nash Habib was born in Iraq and In the years after the end of the first Gulf War, streams of refugees from Iraq were trying to get to the United States. Nash Habib was one of the lucky ones. Nash Habib had missed the conflict, leaving Iraq when he was very young before making his way with his family to Greece, a country known for easing refugees’ path to the U.S. Nash Habib landed in the U.S. the day he turned 18: Dec. 17, 1992. Nash Habib had no education past elementary school, barely knew any English and struggled with reading and writing. Today, Nash Habib is the president/ CEO of Angelo’s Towing & Recovery. Angelo’s Towing is a reputable San Diego towing company with many years of experience in the field. The professionals at Angelo’s Towing ensure that all customers are satisfied with their services and they make all efforts possible to cater to the requirements of customers.