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Tired of hearing about the negative experiences and lies that have become so associated with the search engine optimization (SEO) industry, Nashville SEO has created a video tutorial section to help build a more knowledgeable client base.

( -- May 1, 2014) Nashville, TN --

There has been a recent uptick in consumer complaints held against SEO firms and professionals as clients begin to find, more and more often, that SEO firms might have the ability to offer a ton of promises and sales pitches, but they do not have the actual capacity to deliver on those words. There are a number of reasons that SEO firms haven't quite been able to keep up with the promises they had originally built their companies on, but it is most often because these businesses have not been able to keep up with the significant changes that Google has undertaken in its latest search engine algorithms. Those shopping around for SEO services can actually do a lot to ensure they're not being taken for a ride by educating themselves on at least a few of the processes involved with optimizing a full site or single page for ranking well on search engines.

When asked why Nashville SEO would so easily give up access to many of their and others' techniques through this tutorial section of the website (, CEO Mike Long said, "We value our clients tremendously and look to give them the absolute best SEO services that they can find in not only Nashville but the entire country." He added, "It is dishonest for a company to pretend that they really care about their clients if that company isn't actually doing what it can to help customers out. That being the case, we decided to put together the video tutorial section to show that, if they truly wanted to invest the time and effort into the methods, they can handle the SEO of their websites on their own."

While, theoretically, this should mean that Nashville SEO is taking their own business away from themselves, that's not nearly been the case. What is happening, instead, is that clients are coming to them with more intense, knowledgeable questions, which has helped move along projects much faster by removing the need for clients to attempt to micromanage a campaign or ask for an explanation of everythi

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