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Welcome to Nasr Jewelers' About.Me page - the best site to learn about the background of our company, our mission, and our services! The Nasr Jewelers name came alive in 1978, when our owner, Peter Nasr, and his brothers moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex to open Nasr Bros Jewelers. The business began to grow rapidly, which created an opportunity for Peter to expand the Nasr name and open our store here in Denton, TX.


Our mission at Nasr Jewelers in Denton, TX, is to become the face behind the top brands in the jewelry industry while running a successful, ethical, and family-owned business. From the beginning, Peter had a vision to create a premier jewelry store with a strong emphasis on superior customer service. With our mantra of being the face-to-face representation of the brands we carry, Nasr Jewelers continues to implement a personalized, customer-focused business model.


We offer many services to our customers, but the three prominent ones are:

1. Top-of-the-line brands: Ranging from Tacori to Seiko, Nasr Jewelers carries the best brands in the business! Whether you're looking for an engagement ring for that special someone or wanting Swiss Army's newest timepiece, you can find it at Nasr Jewelers in Denton, TX.

2. Custom Jewelry: Discover Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology right in our store! Visit our friendly staff at Nasr Jewelers and find your perfect fit.

3. In-House Repairs: Instead of shipping your jewelry off to another location for repairs, we repair it IN-HOUSE! This ensures reliable and timely repair.

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