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Natalia Toronchuk

Museums Professional and Author in Canada

Natalia Toronchuk

Museums Professional and Author in Canada

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Hi! I’m Natalia!

I'm an author and museums professional (Museum Studies M.Sc. Glasgow University) working in collections management and outreach.

My current projects are a Kid's Guide to Redpath Museum (including illustration!) and a novel about a Montreal student who meets a talking fox and tries to track down his runaway girlfriend with his graffiti. I also am chronically enrolled in online courses.

Some of my recent projects have included:

- Collections management for Scottish Opera
- Event coordinator for two academic publication journals
- Graphic design for the Refugee Scotland Festival
- Videoconference development and curriculum engagement for Redpath Museum's school outreach program (as a videographer, graphic designer and A/V technician)
- Social media manager for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word

I am always interested in collaborating on new projects or helping you with yours, please give me a shout -- I would love to connect up with you!

  • Work
    • Scottish Opera, Redpath Museum
  • Education
    • University of Glasgow
    • McGill University
    • Mount Holyoke College
    • Trinity Western University