Natalie E. Henry

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Who is your audience and how can we help them?"

That's one of the first questions I ask clients at the office when we sit down to plan a campaign for a new service or survey results. My priority isn't using the latest new tool for an online launch (unless your customers are using it), it's 'how can we help solve your audience's problems?'

As a corporate social media manager for a firm of 6,000+ people, I balance a commitment to change management, empowering staff to build their online footprint and complementing my clients’ business goals with ways that social networking can help. I field questions about social media from fellow employees in Vancouver to Atlantic Canada. I listen to online conversations about the people I work with so, I can help them respond confidently and authentically.

You could say I'm a marketer who is driven by a genuine desire to help. I also live for a challenge whether it's in the office, the gym or the kitchen.

My strengths? Strategy, execution, measurement and, most importantly, putting your audience's needs first.