Natasha Zolotareva

Digital Marketer, Public Speaking Trainer, Artist and Journalist - for me all these career paths of mine boil down to one core interest: I love to meet people, discover stories which are worth sharing and help those people to be heard.I started my career as a journalist in Russian printing press.

During those 5 years, I spoke to artists & politicians; rock-stars & criminals; scientist & philanthropists. After all that time spent "making the news", I knew exactly just what is the formula to grab public attention and make it to the headlines. So I branched out into PR and marketing.

Moving countries came with new areas for career growth. During my 2 years in Eastern Europe and Central America (yeah, I know, that`s pretty far), I went on to become a trainer for public speakers (Train the Trainers). Training people from all around the world helped to sharpen my idea of what it takes for someone to be heard and understood.

Returning to marketing brought me to Mindvalley office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I spent more than 3 years and grew from a digital marketer to the CRO* department lead. Performance-based marketing became a core of how I approach any marketing or communication efforts.*Conversion Rate Optimisation