Natasa Lakovic

communication strategist and Business Development in Belgium

Natasa Lakovic

communication strategist and Business Development in Belgium

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An economist by education, Natasa has spent her entire career at the intersection of international relations, technology and leadership.

Natasa is Strategy and Business development in

Before that she was CMO at Domain.ME, the company that operates the internet domain “.ME”, a ccTLD of Montenegro. Her strategic and innovative approach to branding helped position .ME domain in a highly competitive domain industry as the go to domain for those who want to make their online presence personal, wether as individuals or businesses.

During her work with .ME, Natasa was part of the team that launched, one of the most carefully curated tech/business conferences in Southeast Europe, as part of Domain.ME’s CSR efforts.

She is a co-founder of NGO Digitalizuj.Me, a digital community helping citizens and organizations in Montenegro to understand and realize exciting new opportunities for social change and business in the digital environment.

Natasa also started the ISOC Chapter Montenegro. ISOC (Internet Society) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

Relentless in her desire to give back, Natasa also works as a mentor to startups and women wanting to start their own business ventures.

When not trying to save the world, Natasa is trying to climb it. Her love for hiking and testing her limits brought her all the way to the highest peak of Kilimanjaro, which you can read all about at her personal blog -

She lives in Belgium.

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