Natasha Lakaev

Gold Coast

After Natasha Lakaev earned her Bachelor of Applied Science in 1986, she established Hospitality Training Group, which she would grow into Australia’s largest such firm by 1991. The knowledge and skills developed during this time were used to create and manage a range of other successful businesses over the next twenty years, including a Healing and Rejuvenation Centre, Health and Beauty Salon and Boutique Guesthouse. Since 1991, Natasha Lakaev has counseled clients over a 15 year period before gaining Psychology qualifications with a Graduate Diploma of Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology and Master of Psychology. Natasha Lakaev currently serves as a Clinical psychologist in New South Wales and Queensland.Natasha Lakaev does not simply practice Clinical Psychology, she continues to be a devoted student and researcher. She recently earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, which she earned from Charles Sturt University in New South Wales. To further broaden her knowledge and enhance her professional competence, she also participates in a wide range of courses and seminars every year. She has received numerous accreditations in such areas as childhood trauma, grief loss, personality disorders, learning disabilities, suicide prevention, and many others.A full member of the Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Psychologists, Natasha Lakaev is an approved contractor with ATAPS, the Australian Health Department’s initiative to provide psychological services to priority groups. She is also a Medicare approved provider for War Veterans and approved with the APS as a provider for clients with Autism or Pervasive Development Disorder. When not attending to her professional responsibilities Natasha Lakaev is an enthusiastic traveller and has visited destinations in Europe, North and South America, and Asia, and looks forward to hearing and learning new languages.

  • Work
    • Private Mental Health Care Practice
  • Education
    • Charles Sturt University