Nathalia Pires Souto

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Born in São Paulo, Brazil.
Spanish heritage.
Lived in London and Paris.

Die-hard optimistic, people watcher, photography lover,
sweet-tooth owner, passionate traveller, full-time believer,
compulsive reader, languages learner, amateur writer,
serious walker, friends maker, love giver.

I adore music but I also cherish the silence.
Almost obsessively curious, easily inspired and with
eyes and heart wide open 24/7 for small talks and big plans.
I love what I do and I do what I love.

I'm Nath and I like pretty things.
nice to meet you ;)

Media for Rent a Local Friend (in Portuguese):

- TV Gazeta
- TV Bandeirantes
- TV Globo
- TV Uol
- Mix TV
- BandNews