Nathalie Steinmetz (de Bruijn)

Seattle, WA

Geek. Engineer. Researcher. I'm a computer scientist with a research and development background in vertical search engines, semantic technologies and web services. I am very interested in all things search engines and web mining, and am currently looking into app development (especially being a big fan of the new Windows 8 apps) and new (to me), modern development frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails.

In my former lives I was a journalist, tried my hand in film editing, completed a bank training and worked shortly as a stock dealer. Some of these stints were more exciting than others, but they all allowed me to grow and learn a lot in a short time. And although each single venture turned out successful, I found my real passion with computer science, building new things and trying to push the boundaries of the state-of-the-art technologies.

Originally from small Luxembourg, I spent many years living and working in Innsbruck & Vienna, Austria. End of 2010 I moved to the US with my husband Jos, and find myself now in Seattle, a.k.a. "rain city".

Until April 2012 I worked as a consultant for seekda, the Austrian startup company which I joined as their very first employee in 2008 and left as head of research before moving to the US. My passion at seekda was our great and unique web service search engine (which you can learn more about here). And it wouldn't have been the same without the people - I had the best imaginable co-workers at seekda! :) Currently I'm enjoying some time off and am looking for challenging opportunities in Seattle.

Besides the time I spend keeping up with technology news and following interesting online classes to learn cool new things (and keep the brain fresh?), I am both an avid reader (mostly fantasy & sci-fi) and an avid gamer. I also love traveling (and wish I could do more of it) and taking pictures - I am constantly trying to immortalize things and situations that catch my eye.