Nathan Brebner

Business Development in California

The telecommunication and information technology world is constantly changing. Companies of all sizes have access to a wide range of services to help them streamline communications and data management. But as many organizations quickly discover, voice and data service isn’t as simple as one would imagine. You need to have a solid business plan, an intelligent strategy, an astute understanding of what your options are and how the solution can be implemented.

This is where my professionalism comes in. With 11+ years in the technology industry, business planning, strategy, implementation and advanced skills across a wide range of voice and data solutions, I offer a unique combination of technical expertise and business savvy to support you in your business objectives. I’ve been recognized as having a high-energy personality with a passion for working in a competitive environment driven by success. I’m known for having excellent communication and consultative skills, being persuasive and articulate and extremely personable with aggressive negotiation skills.

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