Nathan David Rabinowich

Director in Brooklyn, New York

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Nathan David Rabinowich’s academic career spans across multiple institutions and multiple countries. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich proudly attended New York University, where he would go on to earn his Master’s degree. He also attended the Brooklyn, New York-based Mesifta Talmudical Seminary, where he would proudly pursue and achieve his Rabbinic Ordination.

Nathan David later enrolled at the Mir Talmudical Institute in Jerusalem, Israel, and would go on to continue his education in the United States, particularly at the well-respected City University of New York. It was at City University where he would earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in Jewish History.

Nathan David Rabinowich capped off his academic career at New York University, where he earned both a Ph.D. in Classical Jewish History and a Ph.D in Rabbinic Literature.

Nathan's successful academic career stems from years as a student and a teacher. From 1992-2013, he was the Dean and Rabbi at Ahavath Torah Institute in Brooklyn, New York. In 2008, he also served as an instructor in Medieval Jewish History at Brooklyn College. From 1997-2013, he worked at Mesorah Publications as the Editor of the Art-Scroll Talmud Project. Early in his career he worked at the Ahavath Torah Institute, Jerusalem, Israel where he prepared highly qualified students for Rabbinic Ordination, fund-raised and administered the Institute's entire budget. From 2001 to 2013 Nathan David Rabinowich worked as the Executive Director of the Jewish Heritage Tours in Brooklyn, NY. The Jewish Heritage Tours offers Glatt Kosher Travel to Western Europe and North Africa.